Sidney Sunday Farmers Market     

Every Sunday, from Mother’s Day, May 9th, to Thanksgiving Sunday, October 10th

Market hours:  11:00 am -3:00 pm


The Sidney Sunday Farmers Market is happening in 2021.   Presented by Westcoast Impressions.

Things will look a little different than the Sidney Street Market.

Due to the pandemic and  current restrictions in place, it isn’t possible to manage crowds on Beacon Avenue. After much consultation with the Town of Sidney, it was agreed that a private location where crowds could be managed would be better. As a result, Westcoast Impressions is presenting the Sidney Sunday Farmers Market in the outdoor parking area at the Mary Winspear Centre . There will be 23 Sunday markets.  We are happy to be able to bring a modified, COVID-friendly, farmers market to Sidney in 2021.


Farmers markets have been happening all during the pandemic. They are considered an essential service, as outlined in the bccdc regulations on Gatherings and Events.

We do understand that you will have questions, as everyone has concerns.  

Please see below, information and protocols you will expect to find when you come to our market this year:

  • We are outside in a huge parking lot at the Mary Winspear Centre

  • We will have a separate Entrance, where the number of customers entering the market footprint will be monitored.

  • There will be a separate Exit

  • Masks will be required for everyone's comfort, but they are not mandatory outside.

  • Hand sanitizing will be available, upon entering 

  • Customer traffic will be monitored at all times in order to keep us all safe.

  • Physical distancing signage will be well marked throughout the market. We ask that you make every effort to follow this.

  • Vendor tents are spaced with appropriate distancing between them.

  • Vendors will each have individual safety protocols in place when customers are buying.

  • There will be no gatherings or groups unless with your own personal group. We will be asking you to please maintain your distancing for everyone's safety.

  • Our goal is to have a safe and comfortable experience for everyone involved. Working together is the key to help make this happen. Hope to see you there!

Because of the distancing protocols, and the new location, the market will not look the same as our usual Sidney Street Market. We will not have the capacity to take as many participants. We will however, have a great variety of artisans, and food vendors.... some you will know and some who are new to our area.  We have received a good response from both food vendors and artisans to date. 

Please check our website every Friday, for weekly updates on who will be in attendance that week.

Come and Enjoy!

Westcoast Impressions

Laurie McDermid


For more information about outdoor markets during COVID see the BC Centre for Disease Control website.

The inquiry process for the 2021 Market Season is still open. Please follow the inquiry guidelines outlined below.


1.   Qualification Guidelines:

  • As per updated Provincial Health Guidelines, all outdoor markets are NOW OPEN TO FOOD AND NON-FOOD VENDORS. We are taking inquiries from both food and non-food vendors.

  • You must be a pre-registered, paid vendor to sell and participate in the Market. No drop-ins or spontaneous walk-through promotions.


2.   Submit an Inquiry:

In order to be considered for participation in the Sidney Street Market at the Mary Winspear Centre, your first step is to submit a Detailed Inquiry by email. This must include:

  1. specific details about your particular product or item

  2. indicate whether the items are handmade by yourself

  3. include as much information as you can, along with some history about yourself, and your experience with markets

  4. include a good photo representation of your items and your set up, especially if you are a new inquiry

  5. include your contact information

  6. submit all inquiries to

3.   Review and Selection Procedure:

  • Applications are by invitation only - they are not available online.

  • Only those reviewed and selected will be invited. Participation in past Markets does not guarantee a space in subsequent years; everyone must submit a new inquiry each season for review.

  • If selected to receive an invitation to participate, vendors are given a deadline to respond and complete their application process. If there is no response by the required deadline, their inquiry will go on a waiting list, and others will be considered.

4.   Guidelines for Category Selections:

  • Our policy includes limiting the number of vendors represented in any one category. At this time, the 2021 market is open to vendors who make, bake or grow their own products. The availability of imported items is limited to online listings.

  • Should the response from the first group of invitations enable us to fill some categories, then they will be considered full for the season.  If this does not happen, then newly submitted inquiries will be reviewed with new selections made, followed by invitations to those selected.

  • This policy has allowed us to introduce new vendors each year and helps to keep the market fresh and interesting.  All inquiries remain on a list for the season, and should things change in any category, it will be considered for participation

5.   Participation and Payment Policy:

  • If selected, you will receive an invitation and application and may choose the dates you wish to attend.  All chosen market dates must be marked on the application. The application must be submitted by the deadline indicated.  This process requires a pre-payment plan in place, for all chosen dates, and the payment must be included, for your option of choice, when you return your application.  This is required to secure your participation.

  • *Minimum attendance is 3 market dates. In order to secure participation, payment for 3 dates is required with your application and is non-refundable.  Subsequent payments will be for 3 or more dates at a time.

6.   Market Fees:

Regular Vendors - $80.00 per day     

Fees include taxes and liability insurance                                          

*Preference will be given to those regular vendors, who book all dates.

There is a 3 market minimum payment required before the market begins.  If preferred, there is also an advance payment option for booking all dates, and offers a 10% discount. Payment options are outlined on the application.

We do not accept payments on Market Day and we do not have a Drop-in Policy.  Participants, in all categories, are by invitation only and booked in advance.

Market booth size is 10ft x 10ft. Participants are required to supply their own display material.

Vendor Set up time is 9:00am.   The Market is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

We look forward to receiving your Inquiry Information. These guidelines and policies apply to all categories. Should we require further information, we will contact you.