Reusable Products

Abiete's Goal is to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics in day-to-day activity. Abiete offers reusable products such as beeswax wraps, produce bags, sandwich/snack baggies, menstrual pads and non-medical face masks all handmade with locally sourced materials whenever possible. We try to source out new cotton remnants to reduce what enters the landfill. Our products are unique and always changing so please contact us at abiete.wraps@gmail.com for more information and product inventory selection.


Basic set of three (small, medium & large) $15.00

        Lilac                         Nature                    Baking                   Rabbits                     Moss                      Dandelion

       Boho                Coral               Leaf            Fruit Salad

        Lime                Spirit            Chicken         Avocado


Face Masks: $3.00 each

Mask Ear Savers: $2.00 each

Two layers quality cotton fabric, pocket for a filter, adjustable ear elastics and nose wire. Large, medium and small sizes available and many different patterns to choose from. Inventory is constantly changing.

face masks.jpg


To be used in place of thin filmed plastic bags found in stores

Set of three (small, medium & large) $5.00

Reusable produce bags are made with a variety of re-purposed (but new) fabrics. Each is a unique set. They can be used for bulk foods, produce and anything else you would normally use plastic bags for in the grocery store.

produce bags.jpg


A key part of most packaged lunches is a baggie, plastic warp or container for sandwiches and snacks. Two sets are available in many fun patterns. ​They are made of cotton and polyurethane laminate (PUL). Cleaning is easy - just flip inside out and either wipe or wash in the dishwasher, washing machine or hand wash. Materials are practical and durable.

Sandwich Set (large, medium & small)



Snack Set (1 medium and 2 small)



Some Samples of Colours and Patterns - Please contact us for detailed inventory options

snack bags2.jpg